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UPDATED: 25 September 2017 (Monday)

Welcome to Survival Expert Books! THANK YOU for your wise interest in my Survival Products and in this case all of my 43 Survival Paperback Books.

To REWARD YOU for visiting “Survival Expert Books,” at the end of “43 Survival Paperback Books” – I’ll REWARD YOU with FREE Survival Tricks you can use Anytime Anywhere.

“You Have To Depend On Yourself!”

Do you want to be independent, successful, and more Ready Anytime Anywhere? Then you have to DEPEND ON YOURSELF. DEPEND ON YOU. Here are my 42 Survival Books that will give you that foundation of REAL SURVIVAL from the REAL SURVIVORS who depended on themselves. My Survival Books will reprogram you so you realize your own UNLIMITED SURVIVAL POTENTIAL.

These paperback books were first published as Kindle E-Books. I knew good folks like you wanted the books in Paperback so here they are. Currently there are 43 Survival Paperback Books with more in the works.

At the link above “43 Survival Paperback Books” – you can read the description of each book and there are links for each book to take you to Amazon to purchase any book or books that you favor.

However, if you would like a stack of assorted Survival Books, you can go to Survival Expert Bundles!”

Thank you again for visiting Survival Expert Books. You’re going to learn authentic life-saving REAL SURVIVAL cause you’re learning from the REAL SURVIVORS throughout the world and throughout history! They DEPENDED ON THEMSELVES and survived impossible conditions. Now it’s your time to learn how to DEPEND ON YOU so You’re Ready Anytime Anywhere!


Sincerely – Joseph A. Laydon Jr.